Final Edit.



We posted our music video on Youtube and Facebook for our so that we could gather audience feedback from our friends and people from our target audience. We asked them to leave us some feedback and this is what we received:
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.35.09.png

I also decided to ask people in person in the classrooms and the boarding house what they thought about our video, I filmed the feedback that I gathered and this is what I got:


The music video that I have decided to compare with our music video is Go Easy by Tenterhook, the reason for deciding this video is because I gained a lot of inspiration from this video when creating ours.

I have taken nine screen-shots of our music video and Tenterhooks video in the order of them relating to each other.

  1. The first screen shot that I have taken, relates to the emotional connection that is seen with in our video, this is also seen with in Tenterhooks song Go Easy. We can see that they both shots have similar cinematography, the shot are both mid shots at a simular angles. We can also see through out all of the screenshots that I have taken of both of the videos they both include filters, the reason for this as it portrays the Indi music video typical style .
  2. In this screen shot of our video we can see both of our main character walking together through a field,  In the screen shot that I have taken of Tenterhooks song shows, the two main characters within their main video siting together. The cinematography is also similar within these two shots as they have the are both long shots of a couple together, they also both show the isolation of them from the real world and how they don’t care about anything that is going on apart from each other. I believe this was key for our video as it shows narrative of our story.
  3. In the third screen shot that I have taken, in both of them they are smashing bottles, this is where I came up with the idea to include it in our video. This further builds on the narrative of the film as it shows that they are not thinking of any of the consequences that might arise from this as they are only thinking of each other.
  4. The forth screen shot has  the same cinematography as each other, as they are both long shots of them together, with a similar setting of them walking in to the woods. They both also display the same message as it shows a stronger bond of them and becoming closer and more reliant of each other.
  5. In this screen shot they both show the two main character about to kiss, as the lyrics of the song explain that the love that he has for the girl is so strong, I believed that we needed a shot of them about to kiss to make it seem realistic and that they cared for each other.
  6. The sixth screen shot that I have taken shows similar setting within both of the videos. It also shows the similarity of cinematography within our video, as they are both mid angled mid shots. I though that it was important to have cinematography that is typical of Indi music videos, as it shows a sense of rustic and simplicity that created the Indi vibe.
  7. Close ups of the main characters face and use of shot reverse shot is very common in Indi music and we can see that Tenterhook and I have both used it, I believed it was necessary for our video as it shows the intimacy of the couple and the trust that they hold in each other.
  8. The eighth screenshot that I have taken from both of the videos shows the feet of the man. I chose this shot as it show the variation of angles and shots that I took throughout my video to keep the viewer engaged, this is also seen in Tenterhooks video. The reason for me doing this is because Indi music videos are generally very simplistic, so when pop songs music video have shots of fast cars and dancers to keep the viewer engaged, Indi music videos have to use a variety of angles and shots to keep the viewer engaged.
  9. The final shot that I have gathered shows in our video the girl leading the boy through the woulds, this is placed at about a 1/3 of the way through our video this is to symbolise that the girl is leading the guy to a new path and taking him down a metaphorical path that leads them to a world with just them where know one will bother them. I believe that this also what Tenterhooks shot is trying to show as well as it is positioned in a similar part of the video as where are’s is, but the only difference is that it is the boy instead of the girl.


I have managed to narrow it down to two CD adverts, I asked people who are within our target audience but also consumers that possibly would not listen to Indi rock about which poster they preferred, poster one (left) or poster two (right).

The audience feedback that I gathered:

“I really like the style of the font in both of them, but I prefer the layout of the font on the right”.

“There both very nice I like the contrast of the white and purple, I think it makes the lettering stand out, But I prefer the layout on the right as the one on the left covers part of the detailed area and makes the top look to empty”.

“I definitely prefer the one on the right it looks like it has more depth to it”.

” I like both but I think I prefer the one on the left because its more simple”.

I have considered the feedback that I have gathered and I have decided to pick the poster on the right. I believed this was the stronger poster out of the two before I gathered my audience research and it is nice to see that they thought the same. I obviously need to add some more stuff to the poster such as the release data , where you will be able to find the music and the QR code for their music, in terms of editing the photo itself I believe there is very little to do.